Georgia eVisa

DuDigital Global Ltd has partnered with Embassy of Georgia in India to provide secure and efficient backend verification of the applicants in the two-step process. With the e-visa system, Indian citizens can apply for their visas online, pay their visa fee, and receive their visas via email within just a few days. To learn more about the new e-visa system or to apply for a visa, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia –

Revised process to apply Georgia Visa-

The launch of its new e-visa system, designed to make applying for a visa to Georgia simpler and faster than ever before. Once the application is submitted, applicants will be required to pay the visa fee and upload documents supporting the application.

After successful visa payment applicant will be directed to DUVerify platform to upload more documents and information to verify and strengthen visa application.

After the documents have been verified, applicants will receive their visa via email. The e-visa system is an easy and convenient way for Indian citizens to get their visas quickly and securely. We hope that this new system will make it easier for Indian citizens to visit and explore Georgia. To learn more about the new e-visa system or to apply for a visa, please visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia –

What is DUVerify

DuVerify is an advanced and comprehensive verification platform that is designed to help applicants for visas quickly and accurately verify their identity, nationality, passport, travel history, banking and financial history, income tax data and criminal record.

Our system is capable of conducting detailed checks and producing digital imprints of applicants to ensure their eligibility for the visa application process. Our software is simple and easy to use, and allows applicants to verify themselves in a matter of minutes with 100% accuracy.

DuVerify saves both time and money for applicants, allowing them to quickly and easily verify their credentials without having to visit a consulate or an embassy. DuVerify is the perfect solution for applicants who need to apply for visas, whether it is for a visit, work, business, student or permanent immigration. With our verification platform, applicants can rest assured that their personal information and documents are verified accurately and quickly, making the visa application process a breeze!


Our system is capable to address the following services:

PS- Requirement for document verification can vary from Consulate to Consulate.

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