Our Capabilities

Passport & Consular Services

Adaptable administrative solutions to efficiently manage passport and consular services at consulates & embassies.

eVisa Solutions

Plug-and-play eVisa solutions that can be integrated into existing or new visa processes of governments.

Visa Application Centres

Efficient visa processing with state-of-the-art visa application centres equipped with advanced technology for seamless application submission and processing.

Public Services

Public services delivered through technology-driven one-stop-shop service centres, digital channels and doorstep services.

Immigration, Residency & Citizenship Services

Application and biometric enrolment services for registration of foreign nationals, work permits and residence permits.

Global Company Formation

Streamlined company formation services, offering comprehensive solutions for registering businesses and obtaining necessary permits and licenses with ease.

Tourism & Trade Support for Client Governments

Travel and tourism promotion services for national tourism authorities.

Verification Services

Robust verification services ensuring authenticity and integrity of documents and information through advanced technology and stringent protocols.

Doorstep Services

Convenient doorstep services for hassle-free application submissions, biometric enrolment, and document verification, bringing government services directly to the applicant's doorstep for added convenience and accessibility.

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