Our Capabilities

Location Independent Document Processing (LIDPro™)

Technology-driven solution enabling remote visa and document processing from multiple locations.

Passport & Consular Services

Adaptable administrative solutions to efficiently manage passport and consular services.

eVisa Solutions

Plug-and-play eVisa solutions that can be integrated into existing or new visa processes of governments.

Identity Services

Citizen registration, application and biometric enrolment for national identity documents, permits and licenses

Public Services

Public services delivered through technology-driven one-stop-shop service centres, digital channels and doorstep services.

Migration Services

Application and biometric enrolment services for registration of foreign nationals, work permits and residence permits.

Digital Locker

GDPR compliant and blockchain-enabled digital processing of personal documents and data (including biometric data) for all future identity verification.

Tourism & Trade Support for Client Governments

Travel and tourism promotion services for national tourism authorities.

Mobile Biometrics Solutioning

Patented technology capable of solving Biometric requirements on the mobile phone.