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Japan, situated as an island nation in East Asia, lies along the eastern shoreline of the Asian continent, spanning from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and the Philippine Sea in the south. Renowned as the 'Land of the Rising Sun', Japan boasts 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Beyond these, the country is celebrated for its natural landscapes, intricate gardens, ancient temples, vibrant festivals, diverse cuisine, significant historical landmarks, and captivating theme parks. Given this rich history, it's no wonder that Japan draws millions of tourists annually.

If you want to visit the country and witness the beauty, securing a tourist visa is essential. In this guide, we delve into the necessary steps for an Indian national to obtain a Japan tourist visa, also referred to as a short-term visa.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Travel Tips for a Smooth Experience


Be prepared for Japan’s renowned efficiency. Familiarize yourself with the extensive network of trains, buses, and subways. Consider purchasing a JR Pass for convenient travel between major cities to make your travel smooth.

Cash vs. Cards:

While credit cards are gaining acceptance, carrying cash is still recommended for smaller purchases and local eateries. ATMs are widely available in major cities and tourist areas.

Respect the culture:

Be mindful of Japanese customs. Learn about bowing, a gesture of respect. It’s customary to take off shoes indoors and avoid loud noises in public areas like trains and libraries. Tipping is generally not expected, a simple “ありがとうございした (Arigatou Gozaimashita)” – meaning “Thank you very much” – suffices.

Language & communication:

While English proficiency is improving, basic Japanese phrases will go a long way. Downloading translation apps or carrying a Japanese phrasebook can be helpful for everyday interactions.

Some popular destinations you can visit

Step into the world of your favourite anime! Visit real-life locations that inspired iconic scenes. try your hand at making traditional dishes like Takoyaki, Hike the majestic Mount Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and witness the ethereal beauty of the Japanese Alps.


The vibrant capital city with immense energy. Explore iconic landmarks like Tokyo tower, shopping districts, and futuristic neighbourhoods.


The cultural heart of Japan. Visit ancient temples, serene gardens, and witness the Geisha district of Gion.


Experience the lively food scene and the renowned Dotombori district.

Beyond the Tourist Trail

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park:

Pay your respects at this poignant reminder of the devastating effects of war and a symbol of hope for peace.

Japanese Alps:

Trek through the picturesque mountains, dotted with charming villages and offering stunning natural beauty.


Discover the tropical paradise south of mainland Japan. Relax on pristine beaches, explore vibrant coral reefs, and experience the unique Ryukyu culture.


30/60 Days Tourist Visa

Processing time:

10 working days after appointment date

Stay period:

30 days




INR 2,500/-


Frequently Asked Questions

Who decides whether or not I get the visa?

The officials present at the Japanese Embassy decide who gets the Japan tourist visa.

Where can I apply for Japan tourist visa?

You can apply for Japan tourist visa through us, fill the form and our representative will connect with you or you can mail us at

How many days it take to get appointment date?

After getting the passport and Income tax return softcopy it will take 4-5 working days

How to get urgent appointment date for Japan tourist visa?

The Income tax return, payable balance should be more than 10 Lakhs INR
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